Leadership Team

"Great culture drives performance and success. Interstate always looks for good cultural fits and invests in talent over need. Talent always rises above need in the long run.” -Rick Burley, Founder & President

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Executive Staff

Rick Burley – Partner / Owner

Rick has been an owner at Interstate since 1973. Rick and his family purchased the company and with a great team built the company into the major player in manufacturing. Rick also played baseball for the University of Texas and is listed as leader in several categories. He lives in Irving and is still very active in the company.


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Bobby Stauter – Partner / Owner

Bobby is a US Marine. He was raised in the fastener business and has earned the nickname “Wiki Bobby” for is expert knowledge on manufacturing processes and overall industry knowledge. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Bobby Stauter

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Billie Stauter – Partner / Owner

Billie is a jack of all trades. She keeps Interstate running in many areas such as human resources, accounting, administration, and order processing. Billie is animal lover with a special affinity for dogs. Her two newest dog children are River and Willow. Both will grow to over 170 lbs.!

Billie Stauter

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Rick Stone - Director of Sales & Marketing

Rick came to Interstate in August of 2016 after 30 years in the telecommunications industry. Rick loves to build teams from sales teams to youth sports teams. He is a long time Dallas area baseball coach of elite teams. Rick would like to write a book on what he has learned in youth sports. He is a sports enthusiast and specifically supports Dallas college and professional area teams.

Rick Stone

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Management Staff

Daniel Croll – Production Manager

Daniel spent 30 year plus in sales before his move to production. He went there because he is talented and diligent. He will make a huge difference. A little known fact about Daniel is that he has a twin Brother. He went to Bishop Lynch HS in Dallas and is married to his high school sweetheart for the past 35 or so years. Daniel is ofter referred to as Alan Harper from the sitcom “Two and a Half Men” for his diligence and organization.


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Debbie McDonald – Quality Manager

Debbie brings intensity and a sense of humor to the production floor. As quality manager she has made great improvements to our processes. Little known fact about Debbie is she like to build things out of wood. During the Christmas season she designs and builds wood reindeer decorations and sells them.


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Randy Duncan – Maintenance Manager

Randy and his team do a great job in keeping our production machines up and running. Randy is known for his expertise in systems wiring. He can take a box / control system and rewire the system restoring it to its original condition or with re-design the system as efficiently we make a sandwich. Randy is also has a love for watching old westerns.

Randy Duncan

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Robert Walker - Warehouse Manager

Rob is a person we hired to run our warehouse that had zero warehouse / logistic experience. He was hired as talent rather than as a background / experience fit. He has made a huge impact in our warehouse. Rob is a HUGE Dallas Maverick basketball fan. He has season tickets and goes to every home game for the past 15 years.

Robert Walker

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Interstate Threaded Products is dedicated to serving our customers. Our mission is to be the most reliable provider and the single source for fasteners - stock or custom. Today, Interstate Threaded Products has achieved a leadership position in manufacturing and distributing the highest quality threaded fasteners. 

Our commitment to service begins with a core belief that our customers can depend on us to be knowledgeable, responsive, courteous, friendly, and fair. 

Come join our team! 

For current employment opportunities, please call our office or email our Human Resources department. 
Please apply in person or submit your resume and cover letter, including salary requirements. 

Interstate Threaded Products is an equal opportunity employer.